São Paulo 80’s post-punk gem to be officially released after 32 years

The original archive was recorded on tape and it remained untouched until today.

MUMIA was an 1988 ephemeral project by Kodiak Bachine (formerly of the influential São Paulo 80’s band Agentss) and Celso Alves.

This 6-track album is different from the current Lugar Alto catalogue, it leans toward genres like post punk and ambient music. In addition, one of the most interesting features of this unique work is its interaction with Egyptian motifs and the unorthodox usage of language and vocabulary.

The album was curated by Millos Kaiser, renowned DJ from Brazil and also responsible for the impeccable compilation “Onda de Amor: Synthesized Brazilian Hits That Never Were (1984-94)” released by  Soundway Records.

All the artwork was made by São Paulo design studio Sometimes Always, and  its distribution will be done by Honest Jon’s in London.

More information to come in the next days.